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By Breyel (MALAYSIA)

Yes, South of Winter is Renaissant -- a New Age musicality of the 70's progressive rock group Renaissance. And we have the ex-Renaissance ensemble Terry Sullivan, John Tout and Betty Thatcher Newsinger to thank for this tranquil, introspective sound. Piano, guitars, and synthesisers make up much of the instrumentation accompanying lead vocalist Christine Sullivan (Terry's wife). Her voice is warm and well suited for the songs. Aside from Terry's unique percussion style, he also sings on two tracks: "Cold Flame" and "Careless"; and his vocals aren't all that bad. Their sons, Lee and Kristian, are just as musically adroit and feature prominently on many of the songs. The songs with John Tout on keyboards are unmistakably reminiscent of the Renaissance sound. Lyrically, the Renaissance touch is also prevalent, considering poet Betty Thatcher Newsinger contributed her talents on a handful of the compositions. All nine songs are equal in strength. Stand-out favourites are "Alone", "Cold Flames", "Careless", "The Sun Also Sets" and "South of Winter". If you love the songs of Renaissance, South of Winter is an album you MUST own. I've played it over and over many times. Mesmerising!