My Work with Renaissance


On this page I will be sharing memories of my life with the progressive classical rock band Renaissance.

People are busy ducking between shop doorways, trying to keep out of the rain. It's 1972 and I have just spent the previous year in the USA, and now here I am dripping wet in Oxford St in the centre of London, the only place you could buy the Melody Maker the night before it was displayed and sold throughout Britain. Now for those of you my friends who don't know, the Melody Maker was THE premier paper for musicians. Now I like to read the concert reviews, see who was where in the charts! but the reason why I had walked 5 miles through the rain was for the classified adverts tucked into the last few pages. MUSICIANS WANTED: that was the heading I'll be looking for, then drummer wanted. I'll keep my fingers crossed for luck, maybe tonight they'll be a gig worth going for. Tucking the Maker deep inside my jacket to save it from getting wet, I started of back home.

Since my return from the States, where I'd played with some fantastic musicians, I'd had some bad times, regular music gigs were difficult to find and the money I was earning was not good, but being forever the optimist I was positive things would get better.

Renaissance require drummer for touring and recording....

Now that looked interesting, I'd heard the name before but thought they had disbanded long ago, still it was worth a telephone call. So I got in touch with the John Sherry agency. Now they say success is 90% preperation and 10% luck, well this was my lucky day, the first thing I was told was that Renaissance had been auditioning drummers for the last three days, and that the auditions were now closed, so I requested they take my name and telephone number just in case. I vaguely recognised the voice on the other end of the line but thought nothing of it, til he said "hi Terry it's me Dave Skilling", Dave was the singer with Ardvark, a popular group at the time and an old school friend, he was just helping out at the office, "get down to Jubilee studios in Covent Garden today, and I'll phone and tell them to expect you"....(many thanks Dave). I arrived at Jubilee studios at 3pm that afternoon, this first step taking me on a journey through a decade during which time we released 10 albums 8 of which entered the top fifty in the billboard charts in the USA, a hit single "Northern Lights" in England and the musical score for the "Paper Lads" a successful childrens television series, these were among so many other highlights, such as appearing at Carnegie Hall with full orchestra conducted by Tony Cox and recorded live over three nights in front of our most devoted fans in the city of New York. Also the Rochester philharmonic Orchestra with conductor Isaiah Jackson and most special the London Albert Hall concert with Harry Rabinowitz conducting the Royal Philharmonic orchestra, again recorded live and released as a double album...But my proudest moment came when my son Lee aged seven joined us on staged at the Fairfield Halls Croyden England, to play the Timpani on a song I had written for my late father "Forever Changing", Lee has now gone on to be an accomplished musician/ producer in his own right.

We reunited and recorded again after twenty years releasing two albums "Tuscany" and "Live in Japan"

In 2009 John Tout, Jon Camp and myself were asked to join Haslam/Dunfords Renaissance, we declined....


1969 The Taggs, Saturday; Olga Records (Sweden)

1970 Dry Ice, Running to the convent; B&C Records (UK)

1972 Prologue Sovereign/EMI (UK); Sovereign/Capitol (USA)

1973 Ashes Are Burning Sovereign/EMI (UK); Sovereign/Capitol (USA)

1974 Turn Of The Cards BTM (UK); Sire (USA)

1975 Scheherazade And Other Stories BTM (UK); Sire (USA)

1976 ‘Live’ At Carnegie Hall BTM (UK); Sire (USA)

1977 Novella Warner Bros. (UK); Sire (USA)

1978 A Song For All Seasons Warner Bros. (UK); Sire (USA)

1978 In The Beginning EMI (UK); Capitol (USA)

1979 Azure D’Or Warner Bros. (UK); Sire (USA)

1990 Tales Of 1001 Nights (Parts 1 & 2) Warner Bros (UK); Sire (USA)

1995 Da Capo Repertoire (Germany)

1997 ‘Live’ At The Royal Albert Hall (Parts 1 & 2) King Biscuit/BMG (USA)

1997 Songs From Renaissance Days HTD (UK); King Biscuit/BMG (USA)

1999 BBC Sessions Wounded Bird (USA)

2000 Day Of The Dreamer Mooncrest (UK)

2000 Unplugged ‘Live’ At The Academy Of Music Mooncrest (UK)

2000 Tuscany Toshiba EMI (Japan); GEP (UK & Europe)Friday Music (USA)

2002 In the Land of the Rising Sun ‘Live’ in Tokyo Toshiba EMI (Japan); GEP (UK & Europe) Friday Music (USA)

2004 Renaissant South Of Winter

2009 Dreams And Omens ‘Live’ at the Tower Theatre Friday Music (USA)

2010 Scheherazade And Other Stories · plus DVD

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Terry, born in London, England, was at the very heart of the British rock scene in the late sixties, playing drums with the progressive rock band Dry Ice.

He recorded a minor hit single, Running To The Convent, and the self-titled album Dry Ice for B&C Records, a subsidiary of the Island label. During this period he toured and played many major venues including the Star Club in Hamburg and the Royal Albert Hall in London.

A chance meeting with the manager of one of Europe's best known vocal groups, The Taggs, soon led to him playing on the Taggs European No. 1 hit "Saturday" released through Olga Records in 1969.

Terry then spent some time in the USA jamming with as many musicaians in as many styles of music as he could, not knowing that this would be invaluable in the coming years. On his return to England, Terry answered and ad in the British music magazine Melody Maker. The ad was placed by Renaissance.

The band Terry was searching for would have many diverse musical styles from folk to classical. Renaissance was the answer. He has been with them during their most productive periods, releasing many albums and touring extensively. Recent years have seen Annie, Terry and Michael reunited for two albums and some dates in London and Japan.

During the nineties, Terry put his versatility to good use once more, playing with the Good 'ol Boys, a band consisting of many musicians, including Nick Simper of Deep Purple fame, Pete Parks of War Horse, Ali Mckenzie of The Birds to name a few. Concerts with Denny Laine, an album with Nicky Randall and some recording work with Billy Idol kept Terry busy.

After the release of South of Winter and the positive feedback Renaissant have received we have continued to belive and keep the faith.

To be continued.